Call for Papers: Irish Journal of Sociology

Special Issue on Social Theory

Special Issue on ‘Key Issues in Contemporary Social Theory’

Guest Editor: Piet Strydom

Since the watershed year of 1989, a wide range of profound transformations and changes, often accompanied by crises of different kinds, has taken place and is still taking place at local, national, regional and global levels. In this context, the quite dramatic increase of interest in social theory over the past two decades has led to a remarkable differentiation of emphasis, orientation and even of type in this domain. Approaching the end of the first decade of the twenty-first century, the time is now ripe to reconsider what counts as genuine key issues in contemporary social theory.

The editors of the Irish Journal of Sociology (IJS), which is now being published in new format by Manchester University Press, wish to publish a Special Issue on ‘Key Issues in Contemporary Social Theory’ not only to take advantage of this opportune moment, but at the same time also to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the journal. It is expected that a sizable issue, including both Irish and international contributions, will result which authoritatively marks out some of the most important direction giving and guiding theoretical parameters for sociological research in the second decade of our century.

Submissions for this Special Issue are now invited and should be forwarded by email to at the latest by 31st March 2010.

Detailed submission guidelines are available on the Irish Journal of Sociology page on

Additional queries to be made to the Assistant Editor, Aifric O’Gráda, by email or by phone +353-(0)-21-490-3756.

Social Exclusion and the Politics of Order


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