IJS Call for Papers: Special Issue on Social Movements & Civil Society

Guest Editors: Dr. Liam Leonard and Dr. Kieran Allen

The success of civil society groups and social movements in the Lisbon Treaty referendum has increased our focus on the relationship between activism and power. This Special Edition will examine episodes of social movement activism which have emerged in Ireland and globally in recent years. Campaigns covered in the edition could include campaigns surrounding he main movements which have emerged from the ‘New Left’ of the 1960s and 1970s, such as feminism, environmentalism, the peace and anti-nuclear movements, political campaigns such as the republican and trade union movements, as well as movements of the right such as religious campaigns and morality protests.

Submissions for this Special Issue are now invited and should be forwarded by email to ijs@sociology.ie at the latest by 1st February 2010 . The word count of articles is 7000 words. Please forward with an abstract, keywords and cover sheet (to include your name and contact details).  Detailed submission guidelines are available on the Irish Journal of Sociology page on www.sociology.ie Additional queries to be made to the Assistant Editor, Aifric O Gráda, by email ijs@sociology.ie or by phone +353-(0)21-490-3756.


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