Umberto Eco-On The History of Ugliness

Eco in Ljubljana, 2007, after the publication of his book “On Ugliness“.  Lecture available here.

In “History of Beauty,” Umberto Eco explored the ways in which notions of attractiveness shift from culture to culture and era to era. With ON UGLINESS, a collection of images and written excerpts from ancient times to the present, he asks: Is repulsiveness, too, in the eye of the beholder? And what do we learn about that beholder when we delve into his aversions? Selecting stark visual images of gore, deformity, moral turpitude and malice, and quotations from sources ranging from Plato to radical feminists, Eco unfurls a taxonomy of ugliness. As gross-out contests go, it’s both absorbing and highbrow.

Includes video and slides

Richard Sennett: Sociology as Literature (LSE Literary Festival)

Richard Sennett’s award winning Sociology of Literature explores the role of narrative in social research and in writing sociology.

The video is available here.  The audio is here.

Date: Saturday 13 February 2010
Time: 3-4.30pm
Venue: Sheikh Zayed Theatre, New Academic Building
Speaker: Professor Richard Sennett
Chair: Professor Stuart Corbridge