Agamben Again: The Process of the Subject, EGS, 2009.

Another post on Giorgio Agamben-two posts in one week is a record for any theorist here at TT but I think it might be warranted in this case.  In fact, I think that I prefer this session,  “The Process of the Subject”, to the last one on power.  The inclusion, or making explicit, of the concept of process to Foucault’s treatment of subjectivity is fascinating to me, and actually, serendipitously, coincides with my own current work.  I have recently been reading Jean Luc Nancy‘s Being Singular Plural and revisiting Sein Und Ziet as part of the ontological foundation to my PhD, and this talk chimes very well with where my thinking is heading.  And, perhaps unexpectedly, with the implicit ontology within the work of Elias, but this need to be teased out a little more before I commit it to the cloud. EGS site introduces the seminar thus: Giorgio Agamben conducting a seminar on the creation of the subject in the work of of Michel Foucault. Agamben examined the idea of the subject (through a discussion of the role of the author) by contrasting theories of subjectivity between Michel Foucault and Pierre Hadot. Agamben discussed the chiasmatic relationship of the art making the art as the artist makes the art. He spoke of the movement of the location of subjectivity from autonomy to ethics, Nietzsche, praxis, the notion of indifference, the two meanings of ontology, the fundamental difference between essence and existence, and the limits of language. Public open video lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School (EGS) Media and Communication Studies Program..

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Part Four.

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Part Seven.


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