Arlie Russell Hochschild: WRITING OUT OF BERKELEY, 2006 & 1984.

This post contains two videos featuring Arlie Russell Hochschild, one of the most famous sociologists of emotion in the world.  Both are from Berkeley, where she  first studied as a graduate student and later taught for over 30 years.

Writing out of Berkeley (above) is an interesting and, dare I say, emotional talk by Hochschild on the occasion of her retirement at Berkeley in 2006.  The kernel of the paper, drawing on Orwell and others, is some very sound advice on writing.  Good writing.  The reading of sociology need not always be excruciating!  The talk is in two parts.  The second contains the questions and responses, available here.

Author of such inspired, and now classic, works as the Managed Heart, The Second Shift and Time Bind, Arlie Hochschild’s writing has won the hearts of many. Her contributions to newspapers, magazines, and journals as well as her books have engaged audiences well beyond the academy and the nation. After an illustrious 35-year career at Berkeley she reflects on what writing has meant for her as student, as teacher and as public sociologist. This forum took place on April 27, 2006.

The second is an interview in which Hochschild discuss her work with Nina Eliasoph,
David Moffat and John Bluth in 1984.  Picture quality and sound are not fantastic, given the age of this piece but it is still worth watching for the picture of the process of research presented.


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