Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey

Many of the posts here at TT have more to do with my teaching quota at NUI Galway than anything else.  Here I am posting Harvey‘s well known course on Das Kapital (volume 1) explicitly with this in mind, in the hopes that I can encourage some final year students of political science & sociology to engage with theory at a deeper level and to shake them up  up a bit.  I may of course be tilting at windmills.  Again.  As usual.

First off, then, is the text.  A free copy of volume 1 of Capital is available here, from the Marxist Internet Archive (along with all of Marx’s other writings and the writings of every prominant Marxist).

The links to the course are here.  There are around 15 videos in total, all around 80-90 minutes in length.  He also has a new book A Companion to Marx’s Capital which might be of interest.  Chapter 1 is available here.

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