Emotional Times in Graz: ESA Sociology of Emotions Research Network Interim Conference

I had the pleasure of attending and presenting at the 4th Interim Conference of the European Sociology of Emotions Research Network in Graz, Austria last week.  It was very well organised by Helmut Kuzmics and Katharina Scherke and took place at the Karl Franzen University of Graz from 30th September to October 2nd.

I presented  first, in the opening slot of the first day of the conference.  The presentation went relatively well and I recieved some excellent comments from the group on my work-for which I’m most grateful.  Rarely have I been in the company of such a warm group of strangers.  It was a wonderful experience, aided by the beautiful setting of the Styrian capital.  The Programme is below the jump.  I look forwad to reuniting with the group in Geneva next September for the main ESA conference.  I will post some more photos later.


Wednesday, 29th September 2010

16:00 Registration

17:00 Opening of Conference (SZ 15.21)

Opening Addresses:

Alfred Gutschelhofer, Chancellor of the University of Graz

Wolf Rauch, Dean of the Faculty for Social and Economic Sciences

Manfred Prisching, Head of the Department of Sociology

Helmut Kuzmics, Katharina Scherke: “A short history of Graz, the University and the Department of Sociology – from an emotional viewpoint.”

Welcome Drink

Thursday, 30 September 2010

9:15-10:45 Parallel Sessions I (LS 15.02)

We-Feelings (Nations, States, Religion)

Chair: Werner Suppanz

Jonathan G. Heaney (Galway, Ireland): “Human Emotions and Social Change in Ireland“

Dieter Reicher (Graz, Austria): “The Making of National Identity in TV-news Broadcasts”

9:15-10:45 Parallel Sessions I (LS 15.03)

Organizations, Professions, Work

Chair: Asa Wettergren

Stina Bergman Blix (Stockholm, Sweden): “The Interplay between Experience and Expression of Emotion”

Wenche Falch (Ostfold, Norway): “Emotional Labour in Service Encounters”

11:15-13:00 Parallel Sessions II (LS 15.02)

We-Feelings (Habitus, War)

Chair: Werner Suppanz

Helmut Kuzmics (Graz, Austria): “Affects and Sentiments as a By-Product of Mechanized Warfare on the Battlefields of the Great War 1914-1918: In Autobiographies by Officers and Soldiers of the Habsburg Army”

Sabine A. Haring (Graz, Austria): “The Development of the Images of Allies and Enemies among Habsburg Soldiers before, during and after the First World War”

11:15-13:00 Parallel Sessions II (LS 15.03)

Organizations, Professions, Work

Chair: Asa Wettergren

Charlotte Bloch (Copenhagen, Denmark): “Bullying, Bystanders, Emotions and Ethics”

Hjördis Becker (Kiel, Germany): “Simmel at Work. A Framework for Interpreting Concealment and Revelation”

Alexandra Lozinskaya (Moscow, Russia): “Historical Museum and Emotions”

14:30-16:15 Parallel Sessions III (LS 15.02)

We-Feelings (Collective Memory)

Chair: Helmut Kuzmics

Cas Wouters (Amsterdam, Netherlands): “On Friendship and Equality in England and Germany: Comparing Introducing and Duzen”

Anneli Meriliäinen-Hyvärinen (Oulu, Finland): “Alvivaara Area in Northern Finland: Producing the Sense of the Lost Place”

14:30-16:15 Parallel Sessions III (LS 15.03)


Chair: Katharina Scherke

Mariya Deeva (Moscow, Russia): “Cultural Sociology as a Resource of Theorizing Emotions: Alternative/Convergence with Pragmatism”

Sylvia Terpe (Halle, Germany): “The Manifold Relations between Emotions and Morality: a Preliminary Systematization”

Max Haller (Graz, Austria): “Emotional Social action – the Weberian Perspective”

16:30-17:30 Business-Meeting (LS 15.03)

17:45 Sightseeing Tour (optional; to be paid at registration)

20:00-22:30 Conference Dinner (optional; to be paid in the restaurant)

Friday, 1 October 2010

9:00-10:45 Parallel Sessions IV (LS 15.02)

Media, Cultural Artefacts, Symbols

Chair: Juha-Matti Klemelä

Nicolas Demertzis (Athens, Greece): “Emotions in Media and Communication Studies. An appraisal”

Henrik Fürst (Stockholm, Sweden): “Social Worlds of Everyday Life: Internet Dating, Mediation and Emotion”

Katharina Scherke (Graz, Austria): “Melancholia and other Emotions as Background for the Retro-Trends in Fashion and Design”

9:00-10:45 Parallel Sessions IV (LS 15.03)

Social Movements

Chair: Jochen Kleres

Sophie Bossy (Florence, Italy): “From Anger to Joy and Hope: The Use of Emotions in Collective Action through the Building of Collective Utopias. The Case of the Anti-Consumerism Movement”

Tova Benski (Jerusalem, Israel): “New Media and emotional reactions to women’s peace activism in Israel“

Helena Flam (Leipzig, Germany): “Grieving Mothers and the Politics of Grief”

11:15-13:00 Parallel Sessions V (LS 15.02)

Media, cultural artefacts, symbols

Chair: Stephan Moebius

Nina Työlahti (Oulu, Finland): “Mary Sues Exposed. Expressing Meta-Emotions through Fan Fiction”

Liina Puustinen (Tampere, Finland): “Gun on Your Face. Horror, Fear and Hatred in Reception of a School Shooting News Image”

Antonio Costa Valente (Aveiro, Portugal): “Hanna Schygulla and the Exercise of Emotions in the Space of Dreams”

11:15-13:00 Parallel Sessions V (LS 15.03)


Chair: Katharina Scherke

Mikko Salmela (Helsinki, Finland): “Collective Emotions in Social Dynamics”

Angelika Poferl (München, Germany): “The Unacceptability of Suffering. Emotions and Cosmopolitan Sociality”

Juha Klemelä (Turku, Finland): “Solving Moral Dilemmas with Reason and Emotion. An Empirical Inquiry”

14:30-16:45 Parallel Sessions VI (LS 15.02)

Methodology and Application of Methods

Chair: Charlotte Bloch

Merete Hellum (Sweden): “Emotional Ethnography: A Methodological Approach to Participant Observation”

Tetyana Ivanova (Sumy, Ukraine): “Negative Emotional States of Ukrainians”

J. F. Pixley (London, UK): “Anxieties about Financial Risk in the UK and Australia“

14:30-16:45 Parallel Sessions VI (LS 15.03)

Social Movements

Chair: Helena Flam

Jochen Kleres (Leipzig, Germany): “Ironies of AIDS-Organizing”

Catriona Roberts (Florence, Italy): “Emotional Work by Animal Rights Activists in New York, London and Rome“

Steven Saxonberg (Brno, Czech Republic): “Revolutionary Potential under Soviet-Type Regimes: the Role of Emotions in Explaining Transitions and Non-Transitions”

Denise Van Dam (Namur, Belgium): “The Strength of Emotions within the Organic Agriculture Movement”

18:30 Reception given by the Governor of Styria, Franz Voves,  Orangerie, Burggarten

Saturday, 2nd Oktober 2010

9:00-11:15 Parallel Sessions VII (LS 15.02)

Body and Emotion

Chair: Cas Wouters

Inés Brock (Magdeburg, Germany): “Emotional Occupation of the Body Image in Early Childhood”

Regine Herbrik (Berlin, Germany): “Emotionalization of Religion”

Thomas J. Scheff (Santa Barbara, USA): “What’s Love Got to Do with It? Emotions and Relationships in Pop Songs”

Iveta Jurkane (Stockholm, Sweden): “Creating Intimacy in Long Distance Romantic Relationships”

9:00-11:15 Parallel Sessions VII (LS 15.03)

Migration and Emotion

Chair: Bernadette Müller

Ulla Bjornberg (Gothenburg, Sweden): “Refugee Children, Resilience and Emotional Context”

Silvana Greco (Milan, Italy): “The Emotions in Every Day Life of Second Generation of Migrants and the Construction of their Identity”

Paolo Corvo (Pollenzo-Bra Italy): “The Pursuit of Emotions in Globalized Tourism”

Åsa Wettergren (Gothenburg, Sweden): “Moral Discourse and the Practice of Humiliation. Accommodation of Refugees in Italy and Sweden“

11:45-12:45 Closing Discussion (SZ 15.21)


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