John Moriarty: Prometheus and the Dolphin, Dublin, 2003.

John Moriarty (2 February 1938 – 1 June 2007) was an Irish writer and philosopher.  This hour-long talk could conceivably be called “queerer than we can suppose”, as it is a poetic and mystical meditation on the strangeness of the universe (if we can call it that); the wonder and danger that is mankind;  on stories; on literature; on technology, and much else besides.  It is a talk that is particularly concerned with the disjuncture between the world and our scientific knowing of it.  And the human need for humility in this regard.  More info available here.


2 Replies to “John Moriarty: Prometheus and the Dolphin, Dublin, 2003.”

    1. Hi Mary, sorry about that. It is quite a rare video and I had linked to Google Video some years ago when I discovered it. I imagine that, since Google bought Youtube, much of the material on this now defunked site will gradually be removed.

      However, I have found a version on Youtube and have updated the link in the post above. It is also here: I hope you enjoy it.

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