The trouble with being Bauman these days…

…is that you are busy!  Very busy it appears, despire, or perhaps, because of the 85 winters that sit on his tousled white head. Above is a link to the trailer for a new docu on the life and work of sociologist and social theorist Zygmunt Bauman.  It i directed by Bartek Dziadosz and will be released in September.

Bauman also has a new book out, called Culture in a Liquid Modern World in which he argues that, in our Liquid Modern world, culture functions “not to satisfy existing needs but to create new ones, while simultaneously ensuring that existing needs remain permanently unfulfilled. Culture today likens itself to a giant department store where the shelves are overflowing with desirable goods that are changed on a daily basis – just long enough to stimulate desires whose gratification is perpetually postponed”.  Well worth the €12.

Finally, you can actually consume a talk by the great man hinself.  Here Bauman delivers the closing address at the Bauman Institute launch conference in September 2010, roughly called “Sociology: “Whence and Whither?”.  Enjoy…


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