Global Sociology – Professor Michael Burawoy

Michael Burawoy and Laleh Behbehanian at the University of California, Berkeley this year conducted an experimental undergaduate course in “global sociology”.  This included a series of talks which were broadcast online via youtube and the ISA website.  Speakers included David Harvey, Ananya Roy, Ching Kwan Lee, and Erik Olin Wright, to name a few at random.  The best way to access the videos and the syllabus is via the blog.  Enjoy!

Emotions & Power

I have had an article, my first, published in The Journal of Political Power (formally the Journal of Power).  I show the first page below in an act of shameless self promotion!  However, I can recommend the entire issue, which includes an interview with Michael Mann and a very interesting paper on legitimacy by Jonathan Hearn.  Indeed, get your library to subscribe to the whole journal-some great papers over the years.  Comments on the paper welcome-and please cite at will!