Isabelle Stengers and Donna Haraway On Whitehead

First post in a long while, but I am in the write-up of my PhD and have been forced to cut (almost) all distractions.  However, as part of my thesis deals with A.N.Whitehead, this post is work…sort of.

Whitehead is a great philosopher whose work is undergoing a Renaissance of sorts. For Deleuze, for whom he was a major source of inspiration and is often discussed along side, he was ‘the last great Anglo-American philosopher before Wittgenstein’s disciples spread their misty confusion’ (Deleuze, 1992, p.76).  His work is notoriously difficult, though not that difficult, and rewards close reading and attention. His major work Process & Reality (1929) is staggering in its depth, scale and implications.  I will perhaps post again about his process ontology but for now I submit the video above for your attention.  Two influential ‘Whiteheadian’ scholars, Isabelle Stengers and Donna Haraway, discuss his work.  Interesting…