3 Replies to “Latour on War and Peace in an Age of Ecological Conflict”

  1. would be quite something if theory-types started to take into account how actual politics do/don’t work in the world of actual winners, losers, and temporary/strategic alliances based on compromise positions that often include many contradictory interests/impulses.
    Can we imagine such a tension-filled mishmash collage being accepted in the works/realms of academia?

  2. I agree, and that does appear to be Latour’s project at the moment with MoE and AIME etc. It seems to me that his argument means and requires the taking of a position and the alignment of academics with others (in politics, media, academia), and against an ‘enemy’, on the other side. Ultimately it means old-fashioned, boots on the ground mobilization, movement and affect to effect change. And, as you say, the formation of new alliances. But my questions to Latour would return to the issue of inequality. What about the ‘other’ others; the poor and marginalized without a voice and means of expression? Is it only a war between elites?
    And on your specific point about academia: do our emergent and disparate alliances require the ‘acceptance’ of the academy, as such? In most of the rich countries the universities have been lost to the ‘others’. While individual scholars will be useful in the political action that may be necessary, I am not sure that such action requires the validation of academia, which is has been ideologically captured in any case. In fact, it is itself one of the very sites of contestation.

    1. oh I think that the socialization/self-selection rules out most academics from doing much more than making academic noises/products, just look at how feeble they are in the face of the coporatizations of their institutional-lives.
      was more interested in how such mores/modes carry over into the blogosphere where such totems&taboos still seem to reign. Yes the question(s) of how to co-operate with folks who aren’t specialists in ways which are effective and sustainable (while also being reflexive/experimental) is the win or lose question on most of the calamities/collapses of our times, when I try and ask people in our corner of the web about actual practices the feedback gets a bit anemic if not outright dismissive…

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