Welcome to Theory Types!

Theorytypes.wordpress.com is an academic blog maintained by Dr Jonathan G. Heaney. I recently completed a PhD in the School of Political Science & Sociology, NUI Galway on emotions and social change in the Republic of Ireland, which was funded by the Irish Research Council. I am about to join the School of Sociology in Queen’s University Belfast in September, 2014, as a lecturer in sociology.

I have been moderating this blog since 2008 as a resource and forum for theory-oriented researchers and academics from across the social science disciplines. I hope to continue to do so after I join the team at Queen’s.

I am currently updating the blog, and I intend to change the type and frequency of the posts on offer. Because of time constraints and other commitments, especially towards the end of writing and submitting the PhD thesis, the number and quality of the posts on here suffered.  I hope to change this, and to write more reflective posts,  comments, and reviews, in addition to sharing links, videos and so on. Bear with me.

My contact details are also in flux at the moments, but you can contact me via this blog, or by email at jonathangheaneyATgmail.com. Or, of course, on Twitter @jonathangheaney.


5 Replies to “About”

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Congratulations on the new blog!!
    As this blog is for ‘Theory Types’ i’m hoping that you will also welcome some comments and videos on political theory.
    Anybody interested in Philip Pettit’s work may find the following podcast available form the univeristy of sydney interesting. Also, there are introductory lectures on John Rawls ‘Theory of Justice’ by Duncan Ivison and for any budding social theorists there is an introductory lecture on ‘Pierre Bourdieu and Feminism’ by Kate Huppatz.
    See; http://www.usyd.edu.au/podcasts/2009/index.shtml

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